How to Identify Baccarat Crystal

 How to Identify Baccarat Crystal

Finding a piece of Baccarat crystal is a rare treasure, but it’s important to verify that it’s authentic before you spend a lot of money 카지노사이트 on an item. Baccarat is a French company which has been producing high-quality lead crystal since 1816. If you study Baccarat’s marks and the various styles of crystal they produced, you’ll be able to identify the real thing when you see it!

1. Finding Baccarat’s Markings

Look for the letter B followed by a year on older Baccarat paperweights. From about 1846-1849, Baccarat’s famous paperweights were marked with the letter B and the year. The marking can be on the bottom of the paperweight or on one of the colored glass rods used as an internal decoration of the paperweight.

  • The paperweight made in 1846 bears the B1846 mark. B, 8, 6 are red and 1 and 4 are blue.
  • The 1847 paperweight is marked B1847. B, 8, 7 are blue, 1 is green, 4 is red. Baccarat paperweight made in 1848 is marked B1848 with blue B, green 1, 4, and red 8 and 9.
  • In 1849, the year was marked only on the weight of the paper without the letter B. Numbers 1 and 4 were green and 8 and 9 were red.

Check out the logo 에볼루션게이밍 engraved on perfume bottles from 1920 to the present day. This logo is usually engraved on a crystal base. The first logo featured a wine glass, a carafe, and a goblet, with "BACCARAT FRANCE" printed in capital letters within a circle. 

Baccarat crystal has been used for some of the world's finest perfumes, including Houbigant, Guerlain, D'Orsay, Ybry, Christian Dior, and Maison Francis Kurkdjian. 

Look for the logo on other glass pieces starting from 1936. Baccarat has made a wide variety of crystal objects, including vases, stemware, chandeliers, decanters, candy dishes, and more. Check the bottom or base of the piece for the logo featuring the wine glass, carafe, and goblet. Subsequent pieces may contain only the words "BACCARAT FRANCE" without images.

View laser engraving on modern cut crystal. Modern pieces are engraved with the word "Baccarat" and do not include the full logo. It can also be engraved with a capital B.

Contemporary crystal baccarat includes classics such as vases and paperweights, as well as modern pieces such as ashtrays, crystal 에볼루션게임 watches and jewelry. Check the bottom of the piece for a label. Some Baccarat crystals are labeled. This is often a rectangular or square sticker with the Baccarat logo on it.

The rectangular labels usually have a red border and a white background, and Baccarat's circular logo appears above the name. Sometimes they are solid red with gold lettering. The square sticker is gold with a black border and has the name Baccarat in the center of the sticker. No round logo.

2. Identification of unmarked parts

Explore collectors' websites and catalogs to identify Baccarat styles. Baccarat strives for cutting edge style, so they can often date their creations based on their design. Read old catalogs and look at pictures of game crystals online to learn more about the work.

  • Cubic shapes were popular in the 1920s and 1950s when Art Nouveau styles were popular.
  • Venetian glass had a major impact on the styles produced in the 1960s.

Use line drawings from old catalogs to identify artifacts. Due to subtle differences in manufacturing and the intricate nature of crystal, it may be difficult to compare your piece to an image with a similar pattern. Line drawings, such as those used in early catalogs, can help date works of art more accurately.

Study the styles of the designers who have worked at Baccarat. Baccarat has employed a variety of crystal designers over the years, each of whom have brought a unique style to Baccarat crystals. Once you become familiar with these designers and their art, you can identify them by looking at their work.

For example, if you are familiar with the 1916 balloon pattern with lattice decorations, you can identify a piece as baccarat even without the baccarat markings. 에볼루션바카라 Check the weight of the piece. Baccarat clones are common, but due to the replication process, the original Baccarat crystal would be much heavier than the imitation.

Take your item to a Baccarat store or contact an online specialist. If you are still unsure of the origin of your piece, contact a Baccarat representative or visit your nearest Baccarat dealer.

To find your nearest baccarat dealer, visit You can also search online to find antique dealers who specialize in artistic glass and crystal gambling.


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